We are thorough.

Classic - scope of services

Our "carefree package deal" ensures the selection of the right candidate. We extensively review the professional and personal background of the candidates and only present the most qualified ones. This allows our clients to make the best choice.

  • (Co)- Developing the job profile and job description
  • Identifying suitable candidates and contacting them by phone or other means
  • Verifying the resume in detail
  • Pre-interviewing by phone
  • Intensive and structured personal interview
  • Aligning the suitable candidates to the job description
  • Summary of the candidates with detailed evaluation
  • Coordinating the job interviews
  • Verifying job reviews and references
  • Evaluating a short list of candidates and a polarity profile in relation to the most important job demands
  • Supporting contract matters
  • Testing language competencies (if requested)
  • Analyzing the candidates potential *
  • If desired: Backfilling if termination takes place within 6 months

Fee structure is available upon request

* Requires the consent of the applicant. Analysis are included for a limited number of applicants. Further analysis possible at an extra fee.