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Frequently asked questions

If you are active in the areas of communication or marketing, we look forward to receiving your application documents. Just use our contact form.

We cannot give a binding timeframe. Sometimes it goes very fast – sometimes even immediately. Even if it takes longer, we have not forgotten you. Then there was no perfect match between your profile and the requirements of our customers.

That’s not much at first. — Here you can find the details.

If you haven’t been in the job for too long, we are also looking forward to graduation certificates and certificates for internships. Work samples are not necessary at first.

First of all, we will carefully check whether your application could fit a current vacancy. If so, we will contact you to get to know you more and to discuss the next steps with you.

Basically, we store your data and profile with your consent in our own protected database (not in the cloud) so that we can find and address you as soon as a suitable search order reaches us. At your express request, we will delete your data. — Privacy Policy

We question open or unclear points in your application documents. If you would like detailed feedback on these, we recommend our
documentation check

Upon request, you will also receive qualified feedback after your job interview.

You will never incur any costs for our service. Neither when you join our pool of applicants, nor do you want to take a new job that you may be taking on on the way through us.

Yes, you can choose between several coaching packages – detached from specific positions. From document checks to intensive business coaching.

For more information, see the

Career Coaching

section .

no. We do not proactively address potential employers or our clients with your documents. As a personnel consultancy, we only act if a client (company, agency, institution) instructs us to find a specific job.

Any change with regard to your professional know-how (further trainings, new fields of work, etc.), willingness to change, regional preferences,external or internal job changes and of course new contact details.

Basically, all information is important to us, through which we can target you more specifically for new career options.

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