When I experience the aha moments with my interlocutors through counselling or coaching – or feel openness for a change of perspective, then I know that I was able to contribute to a moment of change, albeit a small one. That’s really nice. And worth it.

VITA: Her entry was the ‘colorful world’ of television. During the boom years of game shows, she was responsible for casting successful TV formats and prepared candidates and presenters for the shows in the studio. Her path led her subsequently into the ‘classic world’ of communication, where she led numerous customer mandates and teams on the agency side.

Fifteen years ago, she found her in the ‘world of headhunters’ at Schuhmann. Here she can perfectly combine her experience from occupation processes and project management. In order to be able to understand even better what drives or even blocks people, she has completed part-time training as a business coach, NLP practitioner and in humanistic psychotherapy.

With all the knowledge, she has a very good, holistic understanding of the cause and of the human being.

Evelin Schwarz

Senior Consultant & Business Coach

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